Qikiqtait Programs

Programs are ongoing to support the development of conservation economies and the creation of the Qikiqtait community-led marine and terrestrial protected area for the Belcher Islands Archipelago. The interconnection of our different projects is key to success, with different programs supporting each other and a whole-of-community approach. Programs include sea ice, oceanographic and wildlife monitoring and surveys, as well as delivery of qamutik making programs, equipment repairs, soapstone mining, youth harvesting programs and eider down sewing and parkas for youth projects at various times through the year.

Core Nautsituqtiit Pilot Program

At the core of the Qikiqtait programs, long-term experienced hunters Simeonie Kavik and Johnassie Ippak provide a wide range of expertise and knowledge to support monitoring, training, education and stewardship. They play a key role in knowledge transfer in the community that is essential for program delivery and engaging youth.

Eider Down Sewing Program

Eider down, the warmest feather in the world, is key to the unique culture and innovation of Sanikiluarmiut. Down and sewing programs are supporting the development of sustainable eider down economies in Sanikiluaq, as well as a Parkas for Youth program where atiigi made by seamstresses-in-training provide hunting gear for youth that do not have clothing, which can be a barrier to participation in monitoring programs. Given the unique relationship between Sanikiluarmiut and eiders, this is a key program for Qikiqtait, and the sustainable stewardship of eiders and eider down through Qikiqtait supports a community vision for stewardship.

Eider down sewing programs were recorded and produced for Uvagut TV.