Qikiqtait Centre

Image of the Qikiqtait building in Sanikiluaq.

The recently completed Qikiqtait Centre in Sanikiluaq is set to be the first commercial net-zero building in Nunavut and reflects a whole-of-government and whole-of-community collaboration towards reconciliation, addressing capacity gaps, and reaching Canada’s targets for renewable energy and protected areas. The Sanikiluaq Qikiqtait Steering Committee including the Sanikiluaq Hunters and Trappers Association, Municipality of Sanikiluaq and Arctic Eider Society are planning a grand opening of the facility for November 2023. We welcome Federal Ministers and all levels of government to participate in celebrating these major accomplishments in this beautiful new building in Sanikiluaq.

Qikiqtait Vision

The Belcher Islands - Sentinel 2 image

Learn more about the uniqueness of the Belcher Islands Archipelago and ongoing work to implement the vision for a community-led marine and terrestrial protected area.

Qikiqtait Programs

Qajaq making team

Learn about the ongoing marine, terrestrial and cultural programs led by the community to support creation of Qikiqtait.